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    summary within a portal (version 12)



      summary within a portal (version 12)




      I have an order for products. Each product has several components.

      When I'm looking at the order record, I can see in a portal the list of components, a bit like this

      component X, qty 4
      component Y, qty 2
      component Z, qty 3
      component Y, qty 1
      component Z, qty 2
      component X, qty 1
      component X, qty 10

      While this is correct and true, I would love the portal to show the aggregate figures, like this

      component X, qty 15
      component Y, qty 3
      component Z, qty 5

      Is this possible?

      Thank you

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          A portal can only do this if you have one record for each component. This can be done and there are several approaches that can be implemented--the best approach would depend on the structure of your tables and their relationships--something you do not describe in your first post.

          A ListView report can also be designed that uses summary fields, sub summary layout parts, but no body layout part to get such list where you see each component type listed only once.

          Since you are using FileMaker 12, you also have the option of using ExecuteSQL to produce such a summary total: FMP 12 Tip: Summary Recaps (Portal Subtotals)