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    Summary without details



      Summary without details




           I am having a problem creating a layout that shows the sum of specified fields without the recods itself.

           Basically I have a clients and events database. Multiple events can be associated to clients.

           I would like to create a report for a year, for every month. Like total cost, deposit, balance etc of every event. But summary style with no additional info just the summed amounts for each months.

           Additionally it would be nice to change the year somehow. 


           I have already tried several approaches, but no avail. I was also thinking of filtered portals if its passible.


           Any ideas?





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               Sounds like a List view with Sub Summary parts.


                     Event 1 - Client  -  Sum Cost  -  Sum Deposit  -  Sum - Balance
                     Event 2 - ...
                  Month 2
                     Event 3

               You can make a list with subsummary parts but no body parts.

               Do remember that Sub Summary parts only show when sorted by the correct field.

               You also say: It would be nice to change the year somehow.
               What do you mean by that? Do you mean you want to be able to select a year and show only that year on the report?

               That would be a scripted find that finds only records from that year.

               If your Event has a Date set up you can get the Year and Month in calculation fields by using calculations like:

               Year ( Date )

               MonthName ( Date )

               Month ( Date ) This shows the Month Number and is needed for sorting.

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                 With summary reports that contain sub summary layout parts, you can remove the body layout part and just have the sub totals appear in your layout.

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                   All right I give it a go thank you.


                   By the way I attached a scrrenshot of what I need to accomplish somehow.



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                     And if each month is in a sub summary layout part, you can put summary fields to the right of the month name and just not have a body layout part.

                     Note, however, that without correct sorting to group your records in a manner consistent with your sub summary parts, the layout will be blank.

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                       Thanks and sorry for the late reply:

                       The month names are not fields actually. And I dont want to list customers or events by month. I would like to display only the sum of those fields (column titles on the picture) by month.

                       Every event has a date field so I would like to sum a couple of fields according to the datet field and grouped by month.



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                         Define this calculation field and select Date as the return type:

                         YourDatefield - Day ( YourDateField ) + 1

                         this computes the date of the first day of the month for the date in YourDateField and gives you a common value for all dates of the same month.

                         You can set up your sub summary layout part "when sorted by" this calcultion field to group your records by month. You can place this field in your sub summary layout part and use data formatting in the Inspector's data tab to format the date to only display the month name.