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Summary, Total To fields

Question asked by eibcga on Apr 22, 2010


Summary, Total To fields


I am a beginner FMP v11.0 user on Mac OS X 10.6.3.


In my database I have a Summary field called "Balance".  The options to this summary field are to summarize "Total of" the field called "Amount".  I have the "Running total" box checked.  I have another summary field called "Total", with summary field options to "Total of" the field called "Amount" (the "Running total" box is not checked).


While in Browse mode, Table View, the results in the Balance and Total summary columns are correct.  However, in front of each total in each record of these summary columns it says "Total:".  For example, if the result in the Balance field is "50.00", then it will actually read, "Total: 50.00".


How do I remove the word "Total:" from the summary field results?




Is FM developing a FileMaker Pro app for the iPhone or iPad in the horizon?


Thanks again for a great product.



Yellowknife, Canada