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    Summate Data Within A Date RAnge



      Summate Data Within A Date RAnge


      I want to create a system in which i want to data to be summated when the user selects a data range.I have tried Sumif() but it doesnt works....As it gathers only the data for the first date and according to first date month...I want data to shuffle with respect to data range changes..Please provide a solution

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          Sum will compute the total you want if you have a relationship that uses that date range to match to the records for which you want such a sum.

          If you have
          TableA::DateStart < TableToSum::Date AND
          TableA::DateEnd > TableToSum::Date

          Then a calculation defined in TableA as:

          Sum ( TableToSum::NumberField )

          will compute a total over the date range from DateStart to DateEnd.

          Summary fields can also compute a total over a date range, either using the same relationship above or as a found set or sorted group of records in a summary report where that found set or group represents your date range.

          And ExecuteSQL could be set up to compute a total from a date range.