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Summing Data from a portal that needs to be filtered

Question asked by ToddBest on May 3, 2013
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Summing Data from a portal that needs to be filtered


     I have an bid/estimate db that has the following tables, (I used the Estimate template from FM12 as a start, but it is quit different now):

     Estimate Detail - Line item details for a given Estimate
     Products - Estimate Detail pulls info from Products
     Companies - Companies is used in Estimates (the customer), but also in Products (the manufacture).

     The main layout has a portal showing the estimate details. The pricing is summed, and I can sum the total weight and volume. 

     My problem is in calculating the weight and volume - Each estimate will have X number of Product Manufactures. Each manufacture has a different location AND shipping method (The product mix will involve shipping from USPS clear up dedicated 53' trucks). 

     The way this novice sees it, I need to gather all of the manufactures from the estimate details, and sum each manufactures weight and volume, and then calculate the freight cost using the appropriate calculation for that manufacture.

     I have been reading about creating a Value List from a record set, so I think I can get the list of manufactures from that.  But I am at a lost about what to do with that list from there. Any ideas?