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    Summing of multiple filtered portals



      Summing of multiple filtered portals


       Hi, I've got 3 tables - commissions, products and services. In the commissions layout, there are two portals - one for product sales and one for services rendered which are retrieved from other relationships in the database. As I require filtering of the portals, I made a summary of the product totals and service totals within each portal. Thus, I was able to sum the individual filtered portal but faced difficulty in summing the resulting sums of the two filtered portals to generate a final amount. Any suggestions?

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          One option to consider is to treat Products and services as the same thing. Both are sold to the customer, just one affects inventory and the other does not so they can actually be managed from the same table. This approach might simplify some of the issues involved.

          Can you describe the filtering you are doing? Perhaps we can move the filters into the relationships defined for the portal instead of a portal filter expression which would make it much easier to compute your portal total.