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    Summing radio button results



      Summing radio button results


           I have a portal with a "yes/no" radio button in it. I would like to have a field so it tells me how many times the "yes" button has been clicked inside that portal. Is there a way to do this?

           Thanks in advance.

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               You can define one calculation field in the layout base table having value as "yes". Set one relationship between layout base table yes calculation field with the portal base table radio button field. Create one new calculation field having calculation Count of the TOG. it will give you the number of time "yes" has been stored in the table

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                 Define a calculation field as:

                 RadioButtonField = "Yes"

                 select number as the result type.

                 This will return 1 for all records where this field has "yes" selected.

                 Use a summary field in the portal's table or the sum function in the parent table to get the count of "yes" values.

                 Note: some developers define the radio button value list to enter values of 1, 0 and then resize the radio button to hide the numbers and place layout text with the labels "yes" and "no" next to the appropriate buttons. A single value check box that enters a 1 is even easier to set up for this purpose.