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Summing up results from 4 files in a master file

Question asked by Heidelberg on Apr 26, 2015
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Summing up results from 4 files in a master file


I am just stuck how to relate "many to one". A link to a help page which I should study to solve my issue would be great.


Wonder if someone could give me a starting point of how to du that:

I have 4 Files of sales north west east south. I’d like to have those data shown in one masterfile. For example listing 4 lines - each of which shows the sales in one of the 4 regions plus a sum.

Example: Sales of bread = 4 lines. Total sales of bread = 1 line.

                Sales of Mile = 4 lines. Total sales of milk = 1 line.

The design actually does not matter as long as I get an overview

The above sample is just for easy illustration of my "problem". The real use is for my LEGO collection. I have for each construction set a file with all pieces (number, color,name etc.) and I want to have an overview of how many parts of a certain typ I have in total . that would allow me to judge if I can build something new with the pieces I have already bought.