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    summing values in letter



      summing values in letter




      In my database is want to summen values from one single field into a piece of text using << FIELDNAME >> methode. If i do this the values are printed with a 'enter' between the different values. So <<FIELNAME>> makes ;

      value 1

      value 2

      value 3

      But i want them to be summend next to eithother with a ',' between them. (Value 1, Value 2, Value 3,).How can i do this?

      The Field is filled with values from a datalist with groep checkboxes, so i can enter more then one value. How can i make FM pro summen them up next to eithother when i use the << FIELDNAME >> option.



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          Using merge text (<<FieldName>>) isn't really a factor here. You get the same results if you place the field on the layout with the layout tool as well.

          Values entered into a field by clicking boxes in a check box group will be separated by a return character and they will be listed in the order that the check boxes were clicked--not the order of the values in the checkbox group value list.

          You can define a calculation field as:

          Substitute ( yourCheckboxFieldHere ; ¶ ; ", " )

          Then put the calculation field on your layout in place of the checkbox group field.