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    SumProduct function?



      SumProduct function?



      Is there anything in FM 11 Pro Advanced that emulates Excel's SumProduct function?



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          How does SumProduct work in Excel?

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            Sums columns and rows in aggregate.

            One way to sum the example below would be by putting c4*d4 in e4, and so on down the rows, then sum(e4:e6) in e7.

            Sumproduct accomplishes that in one formula ..


              Column C Column D
            Row 4         85.00         1,000  
            Row 5         75.00         1,700  
            Row 6         65.00            500  
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              Hummm, that's sums the products of the values in each row...

              Does a "row" of your data represent one Record?

              then the equivalent in FileMaker is to likewise do a two step calculation.

              Use Sum (or a summary field) to compute the total of a calculation field. The calcultion field would compute the product of the fields of one record.