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Sum_Calculation based on condition

Question asked by Tucker on May 9, 2012
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Sum_Calculation based on condition


 I have created a calculated field in a Company table that sums the total amounts from a related table (Opportunity) field called FuturePotential.

Sum(Opportunity::FuturePotential). This returns the total $ value of all FuturePotential $ for a specific Company listed in the Opportunity table. This works fine.

Now I want to only sum where entries in the Opportunity table have a status that are "Open", all related to a specific Company. I've tried the following:

Sum(Opportunity::FuturePotential ; FilterValues(List(Opportunity::Status) ; "Open)).

This has not provided the results I'm looking for. Where am I going wrong? I tried an If statement first but as soon as one of the Opportunities was closed, the sum = zero, even though there was still an Opportunity Open.