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Sunday School Family Registration

Question asked by stkevin on Mar 15, 2010
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Sunday School Family Registration


I am a beginner and I am working on Mac 10.6.1 and have just downloaded Filemaker Pro 11. I have a database that I created in Filemaker Pro 6. I am using the database locally on my MacBook.


I wonder if I can link multiple children in one family in my Student Record. 


Is there a way to have a family file and have sub files with the children in that sub file. I would want to access the children's information individually at times. 


The smith family has 3 children in the program

John 2nd grade

Joan 4th grade

Betty 7th grade


I need to have John's info appear in the family file as well as the 2nd grade file when I sort the records. Some of the family info would also populate John's record when I sort by grade.


Thanks for any help