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    superoffice cfr filemaker



      superoffice cfr filemaker



      I have just downloaded the trial version of FileMaker. I am used to working with SuperOffice and have a few questions.

      - When opening FileMaker, does one always have to choose wich section needs to be used? Example: when filling in a new contact I need to open the contact section. When I need to llok into the products list, I need to open the products section, etc...

      Maybe I am doing something wrong when opening Filemaker? 

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          You can set the default layout to open when the database is first opened if that helps.  Maybe you have a Home Pageyou use to navigate to all other layouts???


          Under the "File" menu, choose "File Options"  and check the box that says "Switch to Layout" then you can browse to whichever layout you want opened.

          You can even run a script automatically if you so desire.  There are alll sorts of useful options in that dialog box.