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    Suppressing warning message



      Suppressing warning message


      How do I prevent the "Before typing, press Tab or click in a field, or choose the New Record menu command" warning message from showing when a user hits a key on a read-only (browse mode unchecked) field? I tried Set Error Capture on, but that didn't seem to do the trick. 

      Matt Bloomfield

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          You can use a script with Exit Script [False] performed by an OnKeystroke script trigger to ignore keystrokes.

          If the entire layout is locked, you could use this with OnLayoutKeystroke--though that locks out keystrokes for the entire layout.

          A script such as

          If [ IsEmpty ( Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ) ] 
            Exit Script [ Result: false ]
          end if

          can be used to selectively ignore keystrokes if the cursor is not in a field at the time.