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    Surgical Database Help Please



      Surgical Database Help Please


      I'm making a complex database for tracking surgeries and patient outcomes.

      I'm brand new to Filemaker.

      I have a simple issue that one of you perhaps could resolve.

      Table 1 - Patient Information

      Includes ID_patient and multiple other factors like DOB, etc

      Table 2 - Tumor Information

      Includes ID_patient, ID_Tumor (each tumor needs a separate identifier), and more information about each tumor, size, etc.

      In one Layout (Table 1) I've got a portal for Table 2 to list all of the patient's tumors

      I'd like to have a field that automatically creates a consecutive number starting from 1 to say "this is this particular patient's tumor #1" etc

      I also want "Tumor ID" to be generated accross all tumors of all patients.

      I'm just confused where to put the "tumor count" field for the particular patient

      Thank you for your help!!!

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          tropic oj,

          You could create a field in your tumors table occurrence as a Summary field to count the records (rows) in the related portal and use the running balance to number them according to your sorting directions. If you want to show the total count or calculated it to a field in your patient's record, then use another summary field to get the total count. This method will change the numbering and total count whenever you delete an existing tumor record. 

          Each new tumor record, and actually all table occurrences, should contain fields to automatically create the date when the record was created, a date when the record is last modified, modified by whom, and a serial number. 

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            To add to that, "I also want "Tumor ID" to be generated accross all tumors of all patients." sounds like you want to profide a unique identifier for each tumor record. Define an auto-entered serial number field in your Tumor table for that purpose and use TECMan's technique for counting tumors for a given patient.

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              thank you! that worked beautifully. Yall are great!!!