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    Survey data analysis



      Survey data analysis



           I have a dataset that has a similar format to the below:

           Hospital        PatientID        Diagnosis       Needed Medication     

           A                          2                   Sepsis                     Yes

           A                         5                    Influenza                  Yes

           B                         12                  Cough                      No

           C                          22                Influenza                  Yes

           The actual data set has about 3000 pts, 50 hospitals and 150 variables to report on.

           I need to generate individual summary reports for each hospital using counts of catagorical data (Yes/No).  I need to then take the number of 'Yes' counts (numerator) and divide by the number of patients in that hospital (denominator) to report a percent. 

           I can easily do the calculation in my stats program, but would prefer to use Filemaker since it can generate visually pleasing reports.

           I'm pretty sure these calculations are not difficult in Filemaker, but since I'm under a deadline I thought I would post to the forum to ask about the syntax.


           Thanks for your assistance,


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               And how do you want that report to look like?

               Hospital A
                           Medication yes:   X%
                           Medication no:     y%
                           Medication yes:   A%
                           Medication no:     B%
                     and so forth....

               Hospital B
                             And so forth....

               Other, more tabular arrangements where the values are arranged in multiple columns to produce one row for each Hospital is also possible, but the above type summary report is much easier to set up in FileMaker.