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Survey Question Script

Question asked by rkutcher on Jan 13, 2015


Survey Question Script


In a post titled "Need aid on generating a report from a survey layout" a sample Script, to generate the survey response along side the survey question, is detailed.  I am trying to copy that script for my data base and have a few questions.  I will use the use the field and table names in the original post rather than my own.

1. When in the Set Field step and I specify the Script Step Options   I get a script step that looks different from the example.  My step shows - Set Field [[Responses::-fkRespondantID].  I don't see how to get the last part             $RespondantID.  I am using the Specify target field  not the Calculated result.

2.  In my data base I have included a Surveys table for various inspections I do.  In my Questions table I have a field for the question and a Checklist field that is checked of for each Survey that a question would be relevant to.   So in the Script step that says Show All Records, I assume I would have to replace this step with a Find  and choose the appropriate controls from the FOUND SETS functions?

3. The last question has to do with my tables.  I don't quite see the purpose of the Survey Table.  I know it is supposed to help with generating different Surveys but think it might be redundant since my Questions Table has the Checklist that specifies which question applies to the various surveys?


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