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    survey stopped working



      survey stopped working


      I have a surveys database set up with the surveys/respondents/questions/responses structure that's been described in other posts. Everything has been working fine except several questions are not being created when I start a new survey. Nothing in the database has been changed. Any ideas why this would be happening?

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          Well my only guess is either its corruption or something has changed (you just may not know it) based on some kind of structural/calculation issue.

          Can you go thru back up copies and find one that works?

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            "starting a new survey" would require a script to generate response records in order for the respondent to enter their responses? (There is more than one way to set up a survey for new responses, but this is the most straight forward option.)

            both a problem in the script or in the data used to match question records to particular survey could cause such to happen.

            A damaged index could also be at fault--advanced recover options can repair all indexes in a file.

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              Turns out some of the questions were missing from Questions. Not sure how that happened.