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Swap Record-ID X with Record-ID Y

Question asked by ChristofferRexen_1 on Jul 28, 2014
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Swap Record-ID X with Record-ID Y


     Hello everyone

     I have this Database with a lot of companies my fellow colleagues work in, each company represented with an unique record, each company/record-ID holds a lot of employees.

     Now, lets say we have Company A represented with Record-ID 1 and Company B represented with Record-ID 2.

     Under Company A, works John Doe and he is therefore created as a record under Company A.

     As time goes by, John Doe might change place of work or position, so I have to locate the Record-ID which John Doe is working and simultaneously locate the Record-ID of his new place of work or position.

     - In this case, Company A Record-ID 1 to Company B Record-ID 2, by going to layout mode, inserting field, then chage the record-ID etc. etc.


     So to my question, is it possible to place a button which is set to 'Swap' John Doe from his current Company A, to the new Company B, presuming the Record-ID of the companies are provided?

     - Without going to Layout Mode etc. etc.?


     Best regards, CR