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Swipe Magnetic Card "Behind the Scenes"

Question asked by RestaurantCharlie on Feb 3, 2011
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Swipe Magnetic Card "Behind the Scenes"


I sent this message to PhilModJunk and he kindly replied and suggested I post it in the forum.


My Message:

I'm creating a solution that will do time tracking and a Restaurant POS.  Employees will be using Swipe Cards.

My question:

How can I input the data read off the swipe cards into a field without  the field having to be selected or even visible. You know how at all  restaurants waiters just walk up to the POS and swipe their card without  having to select anything, nor is a field visibly selected.


PhilModJunk kindly answered:

In fact, if you search under Magnetic Strip Reader or Bar code scanner,  you'll find several discussions of this.

We scan California Drivers Licenses here at work, so I can speak from  experience on the subject. The key detail is that the scanners will  input data into the computer just as though you'd typed the information  in by hand so you just have to get the cursor into a field (which can be  a tiny 1 pixel by 1 pixel field to hide it.) before the swiped data is  entered and this can usually be done by programming the scanner to  precede the scan with a special character that you can detect with an  OnKeystroke trigger in FileMaker.



Further thoughts on the subject:

I have a MSR that can be programmed with prefix and a suffix, both for the package and the individual tracks.

You have to type in what you want as prefix or suffix in a code, I'm not sure what it is... It includes an ASCII Table, but it only includes things like hearts, music notes, etc... I tried to type an enter or hard return as the suffix. This, in my mind, would commit the field and then a script trigger could take the action from that point... However I was unable to find the code for that, and could only find the return code <CR>. But this doesn't exit the field. So what I wound up doing is adding something random: "%LOLA%" as a suffix and running a script via the onobjectmodify script trigger that checks right( FIELD; 6)="%LOLA%". If that is true, it searches for the user. If it is not true, it selects the field again. However, it would be great to either find the code for a hard return to commit the record, or for tab to exit the object...

Any suggestions on what character to add as the prefix to trigger the onlayoutkeystroke?

I'm attaching an image file with a screenshot of the MSR software with a soft return as the Suffix and the ASCII Table open.

Best wishes to all...