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switchboard screen with information relationship question.

Question asked by fluffyone on Jan 29, 2011
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switchboard screen with information relationship question.



hey group

I have a switchboard screen at the start-up of a database, this is just a form with buttons on to open up various forms and options from, it is central point like a home page.
to create this screen I made a database called switchboard with nothing in it, I was then able to create a layout for the switchboard and put all my control buttons on. all is working fine. (is this a good work method?)

Now I would like to have portals displaying data from other sources / tables as a quick view as to what is going on, i.e a to do list, unfinished jobs list, Urgent to be done list, how many items made list etc....

But I am confused on how to make the relations with the switchboard form as there is no data in it to relate to, also at my early attempts with a portal, I get an issue where I need to create a record in the "switchboard" table to get any data?

can anyone point me in the right direction please.