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Switched Servers and Having Problems with Remote Access

Question asked by redlichlaw on Jan 26, 2010
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Switched Servers and Having Problems with Remote Access


I am currently running Filemaker Pro 9 on a macbook with Snow Leopoard and imac with Leopoard.  We access our filemaker file remotely over server, which is running Filemaker Pro 9.  We just switched IP providers and I am having trouble accessing the server remotely.  The standard technical support people said the problem might be with network performance or file reference.  I tried to add the new IP address to the favorite hosts.  It does not show any files.  In addition, it indicates when I try to open recent, that the host is not found.  Also, it giving me a message about two license keys running at the same time.  On the server, under network sharing is there a way to change the tc/ip address.  I would greatly appreciate anyone suggestions.