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Switching between Views/Printing issues!

Question asked by camposr on Jul 14, 2010
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Switching between Views/Printing issues!



OSX 10.6


I have 2 random questions of little bugs im trying to fix in my database

1) When i make a PDF of one of my forms it makes one of every existing record.  How can i get it to only print the record im currently on??

2) My database is made up of a table with 4 different Tabs that are hidden based on your choice of a drop down menu a script will reveal the tab you chose.  By default upon new record creation it goes to the  "Blank" tab which has nothing but our company logo.  Lets say if from my drop down i were to chose "Job type A" that tab would show up with the fields required for "Job Type A".  The issue is that after I chose a job type if i go to table view when i go back to the specific record it defaults to the blank tab even though i had already chosen a job type.  i would want to to stay in the tab that i chose when i go back and forth from table view to single record view.

I know my explanation is not the best but any little bit of info helps!  Thanks for your time!