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switching from using custom carbon forms to plain paper

Question asked by LtSiver on Dec 4, 2009
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switching from using custom carbon forms to plain paper


I need some help. I have a customer who formerly used FM 4.5 on WinXP, and was printing (using a dot matrix printer) pre-printed invoice carbon forms. She has recently switched to mac, and has filemaker 10. She's still using the old pre-printed forms for now, but I had to perform a strange windows hack to get her old dot matrix printer (which apple does not support/have drivers for) to share over the network and work using an apple laser printer driver so she can still use her pre-printed forms. When her stock of those forms runs out, i'd like to have FM 10 print those fields as well as the data that it was printing on the forms instead print on plain paper.  How can I do this? I've never used or set up filemaker. Unfortunately, the person who hired someone to make the older version of filemaker do this and handle their invoicing, inventory and accounting is dead, and she does not recall who did that work for them.