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    Switching off Web Companion



      Switching off Web Companion


           I installed Filemaker 10 and Server Advanced  to test upgrading to it with Lasso and need to keep Filemaker 6 on my Mac OX.5.8. I have turned off Web Companion and moved all fp5s off but still get a message when I open a file on 10 that another  filemaker appliction is open. Is there a setting to switch that on and off?

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               Unknown, testing by creating a new User in Accounts in System Preferences, logging in as the new user and testing...

               will indicate if the setting (plist) is in your Users's Library or the OSX Library.

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                 Maybe this - instructions for FMP 5.5

                 3.1 Quit the FileMaker Pro application if it is currently running.

                 3.2 In the "FileMaker Pro 5/FileMaker Extensions" folder rename the "Web Companion" file to "Web Companion old" and move it out of the "FileMaker Extensions" folder.

                 3.3 Move the new, downloaded "Web Companion" file into the "FileMaker Pro 5/FileMaker Extensions" folder.

                 3.4 Launch FileMaker Pro.

                 3.5 After verifying your web solution(s) function properly, delete the "Web Companion old" file.