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switching tables without switching layouts?

Question asked by jfalberg on Jul 26, 2013
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switching tables without switching layouts?


     Presently the way I know how to manipulate and use tables for import/export/modification purposes is by switching layouts such as follows:

     Go to Layout["ListAllFieldsSearch" (Search)]
     Set Field[Search::OutTag; "X"]
     Export Records (No dialog; "$exprt"; "FMPXMLRESULT"; Unicode (UTF-8)]

     Go to Layout("Tabs" (Answer)]

     Is there any alternative way I can handle this without switching to different layouts each time?  I tried freeze in the past but with difficulty getting to work properly.  I see there's a Set Selection command, not sure if that's what I really want, or how.

     Essentially I want to prevent the user from seeing the messy layouts I use just for selecting a different database table.