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Sync v12 to iPad/iPhone

Question asked by harringg on May 5, 2012
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Sync v12 to iPad/iPhone


I've read the forum posts about this topic before posting, but many are one-two years old and for earlier versions of FMP.

I've got Bento 4, Bento for iPad and Bento for iPhone.

I am the only user of my databases on my laptop, no shared corporate enviroments.

One database is a fuel log, I enter mileage, gallons, price when at the pump on my iPhone and sync when I get home to Bento.

I am considering upgrading to FileMaker Pro 12 (I have downloaded the trial) and the FMP To Go 12 for both iPad and iPhone.

Is this same sync scenario easily achieveable in v12 of FMP on my local home network?