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    Synchronize two portal row display record



      Synchronize two portal row display record


           I have two portals in two tabs.  Both portals use same relationship and filter.  Same record (portal row) count, but display differnt fields.  how can I synchonize both portal on screen displayed record if I scroll anyone portal and the other protal display will be changed also.  For example, if I scroll portal A display record to row 5 ~ 13, how to set portal B display record to 5 ~ 13 also.


           I use FMPV11.

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               That will be difficult if not impossible to do. You can synch them to the point were the current row visible in tab 1 is visible in tab 2, but scrolling them to exactly the same position... don't really see how that can be done with a scroll bar equipped portal. If you set up a more complex portal where you clicked a button to change what records are visible in the portal, an entire next or previous group being brought into view with a mouse click instead of scrollinga  scroll bar, then the same script could affect what records are displayed in identical fashion...

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                 supposedly this video does what is being asked for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYAPPB6P0ZI&feature=youtu.be

                 However, I have tried it, even removed the tables from the more convoluted relationships in one database and created a simpler version without tabs or any other tables and it still won't work.  What use is a Portal row for selecting a record if this simple problem cannot be fixed??

                 Oh yeah, I also have another post open about Getting the right RecordID in portal??  Goddess only knows why Filemaker doesn't use straightforward record location -- like Go to Record 145....

                 It's driving me quite nuts, I have been working and reworking this problem for 5 days now.  Meanwhile my client is just entering her Contacts in Word, and she's going to send me an export and I am going to import them.  It's a little lame...

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                   I am waiting, waiting...and in reviewing the video on Utube above, I note she is using Filemaker 11....BUT it must be advanced because my Filemaker 12 does not allow the selection of global variables when specifying finding portal rows by calculation. So I gather that Filemaker 12, unless I upgrade, just doesn't do many of the things I was accustomed to doing easily in Access..sigh. Given my druthers I would have used Access to begin with except that this database is heavily driven by images and I need the "container fields."

                   Does ANYONE know if the book about The MIssing Manual for Filemaker 12 is any good?   I find it hard to believe that Filemaker makes a developer trot out so many workarounds to do such simple stuff..and that the help that comes with the program is so limited.

                   I will grow quite bald if this keeps up...and ya don't want to see an ole hippie gone bald!

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                     This is what I set up and doesn't work.  I will have to send three screenshots, so bear with me.  I took my CLHomes from my old database and imported it into a new database.  I set up an X relationship between Home Qualifier and HomeID between Residences and Residences 2 (a copy), what you Filemaker folks refer to as a self-join. Then I made a new blank layout ans set it to use records from Residences.  Then a portal (using Residences 2l to show only record related to the Client ID = 141 (because I had no Contact Table in the mix for this one, and no tabs either).

                     First I tested to see if picking out a portal row with a button embedded in the field Home Qualifier (a unique identifier for these records), and using that button to set a global identifier $$HQ would help me navigate to the correct record choice out of three residences for this contact.  No way jose!

                     I then got rid of all the regular fields on the layout and added another portal, just the way the woman does in the video. I set the second portal to filter for only those records that matched $$HQ.  But, just like in my previous experiments I only showed the first of three records shown in the upper portal.

                     An suggestions would be more than welcome...other than upgrading, hopefully!

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                       2nd Screenshot  showing portal 1 (residences 2)

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                         Third screenshot showing portal 2 (also Residences 2 because it wouldn't let me use any other table..

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                           This is what I get.  No matter how I poke at the first portal, the result is the same...it never moves to the other records unless I don't filter the records.