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synchronizing and  updating data using two tables with auto-complete option

Question asked by filemakernewbie on Nov 13, 2010
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synchronizing and  updating data using two tables with auto-complete option


Hi, as the name suggest...I am a newbie

I am currently using FM 11Pro (trial) on a Mac with Snow Leopard as a single user

I am currently working with two tables (Ppl Info) and (Doc Info)

In Ppl Info table (table 1), I have following fields: Last Name, First Name, Address, City, Postal Code, Phone Number, Ref Doc's Last Name, Ref Doc's First Name, Ref Doc's Address, Ref Doc's City, Ref Doc's Postal Code, Ref Doc's ID No

In Doc Info table (table2), the following fields: Doc's Last Name, Doc's First Name, Doc's Address, Doc's City, Doc's Postal Code, Doc's ID No

Thus far, I have set up a relationship between two tables so that when ID no's match, it will automatically display all corresponding info with same ID no. from table 2 onto table 1 layout.  (thank you PhilModJunk) Problem is when there is no matching ID no,  I can't update ref doc's data in table 1 in browse mode.  Ideally what I would like to have is that, as ref doc's last name is inputted in table 1, FM will automatically look up same last name from table 2, and auto-complete all the corresponding info (address etc) in the designated fields of  table 1. If there are more than one doc with same last name, FM will then search for all the first names with same last name, gives the user an option to pick the first names and then automatically fill in the corresponding data. If there is no matching last and/or first name, then FM allows user to create a new data for ref doc in table 1, which will synchronize and update table 2.

After reading this post, I do feel like this is too much to ask for FM to do.  Is this even possible?

Thanks in advance