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    synchronizing serial numbers



      synchronizing serial numbers


      I have two forms that I want to synchronize the sequential serial number.

      Is there a way that I can generate serial numbers that are sequential and used between two or more tables?

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          if I have understood your problem, you can use the following script:

          If[Get ( ScriptParameter ) = 1]

          Set Next Serial Value[Table1::IdField1; GetNextSerialValue ( Get ( FileName );"Table2::IdField2")]


          Set Next Serial Value[Table2::IdField2; GetNextSerialValue ( Get ( FileName ); "Table1::IdField1")]

          End If

          Set this script in the Script trigger on layout OnrecordCommit event

          In Layout for Table1 pass the parameter 1

          So , when it is committed the new record in one of the two tables, the script set the next serial equal to the other table (which was already incremented)

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            Do the two forms refer to the same table or different tables?

            If they refer to the same table occurrence, they will stay in synch automatically.

            If different table occurrences, a script performed from one layout can perform a find for the record with matching value in the other.

            If you want a new record created in one layout's table to match the ID number of the current record in the other table, things get more complicated. This last situation implies a relationship between the two tables. Is it a one to one relationship, (Exactly one record in table 1 matches by this ID number to exactly one record in the other table), a one to many relationship (many records in  table 2 have match to the same ID number in table 1) or a many to many relationship?