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Syncing between two FM7 files?

Question asked by BillReger on Sep 24, 2010
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Syncing between two FM7 files?


I've been using Filemaker since starting with 3.0 back in '95.  In the  late 90's, I developed a very basic invoicing system for my brother's  small construction business.  It worked quite well and I upgraded him to  FM 7.0 in 2005.  While I'd love to upgrade him now, he cannot  financially do it.

Now the question.  He would like to get a basic laptop or even netbook  to use on estimates.  What would be the best way to sync records between  the two files on separate computers? 

The tedious way would be to mark new files on the laptop and export them  to a new file.  Then import that file's records into the desktop main  file.  Finally copy the desktop's file over to the laptop, overwriting  the original file.  While this isn't too bad, my brother is far from  computer savvy and I'd certainly be worried that he screws up the main  file somehow.  Just wondering if there is an easier way that I have not  found.

BTW, at this time he will not have internet access on the road so I cannot have him connect remotely to the desktop.

I did a quick search of the forums and could not find any help, so I apologize if this has been discussed before and I simply missed the thread.

Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.