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Syncing databases between 2 laptops - FMP 12

Question asked by SteveBlair on Aug 20, 2012
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Syncing databases between 2 laptops - FMP 12


I recently installed Filemaker Pro 12 on two of our office laptops. The databases need to be synced between the two laptops as both staff will need to access/edit the same data at once. Unfortunately designated one of the laptops as the host machine is not feasible, as both leave the office with staff going to meetings during the day.

I moved the database files (.fmp12) to a networked harddrive in the office so both laptops could access/edit the files, but ran into errors that are documented as a known issue in the Filemaker Knowledge Base.

I'm hoping there is a solution that I just haven't discovered yet, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.