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Syncing Identical Databases: Complex or Simple?

Question asked by NicholasFernandez on Jan 20, 2014
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Syncing Identical Databases: Complex or Simple?


     Hi All,
     Here's my question: If I'm only updating a single-table database with an identical structure, is there an easy (native) way to do so? 
     I am trying to develop a work-around for our office because we do not have FileMaker Server. (Remote hosting is not an option due to IT protocols). 
     We have a Contacts file that is linked to each Project file to create invoices and purchase orders. The problem is that only one person can have the Contacts file open at a time, and thus live updating of the Contacts file via a portal is not an option.
     I've created a script that has the main Contacts file create several copies of itself each time it is opened and closed. Thus, we only open the Main Contacts to change records. We use the other files for our individual projects. 
     This almost works, but it still means that we have to leave our projects to update Contacts. And if we want that information in our Contact file we have to close and reopen our current project.
     I spent a good part of today trying to work through the filemaker native sync tutorial:
     I understand all of the concepts, but I'm not getting far with implementing it. (Filemaker can't locate the host file, even though I can write a script to have it successfully open the same file) 
     Is there a simpler way that doesn't involve 3rd party software? I feel like this should be doable, and I'm frustrated at my inability to successfully create the sync script.