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Syncing Mac and PC - simple solution required

Question asked by CharlesWoods on Aug 6, 2013
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Syncing Mac and PC - simple solution required


     Hi I am self employed and have just started to use FMP on my Mac laptop to add customer information and sale proposals and I hope to get the info to my iPhone pretty soon. Will GO send a fmp file to my iPhone? The database I have created is for my laptop, do I create a second resolution version for the iPhone? or can the default version work on my iPhone and its simply a matter of scrolling the databse across the iPhone screen? 

     In the meantime I have a part time worker who uses a PC laptop - how can she add input to the database without accessing my laptop or using a server? Do I duplicate the file from my Mac? How can she open it?

     Sorry about the dumb questins, I want to prepare and do this right :0)

     Thanks in advance for you advice.