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    Syncing two databases



      Syncing two databases




      I am wondering if FileMaker has the following capability:


      If two people are making changes to their own version of a database with the same name, can you sync them to incorporate all of the records, as most recently entered?


      For example, if person A adds record 9 and 10 and then person B updates 9, the new file will take B's 9 and A's 10... in one file.


      Thanks for any advice!

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          Not as a built in filemaker feature.


          Frankly, synchronizing something as complex as two filemaker pro databases can be a real nightmare. What do you do if both of you modify the same record, but in different ways? How would you synchronize that?


          With careful design and fields that store modification dates and times, it can be done, but it's not easy.