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      I am from the old school, used to good old manuals such as Borland's printed ones to most if not all their products. Could anyone suggest the nearest to such a manual for script syntax in FileMaker? Example: where is the syntax for TableName::FieldName defined?

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          Hi "Sabbaimm",
          I too started info system development 20+ years ago...  back in the day of printed material.  It took me time to 'embrace' the idea of NO hard documentations.  I guess I've learned to "Think Outside The Book" and accept the fact that the resources are now online!
          There are numerous resources available for FileMaker Pro...
          A. FileMaker's website --> Support --> Downloads --> Downloadable Resources
          B. Google search for FMP resources... 
               - FMP Standards
               - FMP Development
               - FMP Security
               - FMP Relationships
               - FMP Scripting 
               - etc., etc., etc.
          Based on your question, you may be having issues understanding the concepts of 'relationships', 'occurrences', and 'context'.  I've had troubles trying to keep these straight in my mind...  it is a little confusing!!!  FileMaker makes FMP fairly easy to use and this can cause simple misunderstandings when working with these concepts.  I would recommend practicing with FMP in a simple "relationship" info system to gain a better understanding of these concepts.
          I hope this helps you and any other interested readers... Good Luck!!!