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System or user DSN not showing up in FMP 11 and Windows 7 64 bit

Question asked by UncleGeo on May 20, 2010
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System or user DSN not showing up in FMP 11 and Windows 7 64 bit


My setup:

  1. FM Pro 11.0v1. In the properties for FMP11 under "compatibility" I do NOT have "Run this program in compatibility mode" checked and no operating system is chosen.I also do NOT have 'run this program as admninistrator" chosen.
  2. Win 7 64bit (I now know it's not certified)
  3. I am not sharing the database across a LAN or Web (except for a MySQL connection with ESS) and I am not using IWP or CWP.
  4. I have MySQL Connector ODBC installed
  5. I have a static IP on cable modem from The Evil Comcast.

About Me:

Though I've been using FM since it was black and white on an Mac Classic, I'm more a power user than developer. I'm a newbie to MySQL but I've made a database and PHP'd it and my site works fine. I'm not afraid to blow around in stuff  to make it dance.


The Good News:

I have an FM database of product listings connected to a MySQL database at a server that feeds my website (in php) so as I update my FM, the MySQL is instantly updated -and I think that's all just fargin magical! This was all set up on this Win7/64 machine with this install of FMP11.0v1 shortly after setting up Win7/64 on a new system hard drive.


My Problem:

Flush with success and feeling cocky, I needed an almost identical setup for a new biz project so I cloned the working FM database and gave it a new name and closed the window for the old db. Then:


  • I created a new MySQL database at the server (i.e. totally new and separate FM db and MySQL db -not a separate table off the old MySQL).
  • In Windows Data Sources ODBC, MySQL Connector/ODBC I made a new connection to the new MySQL -test says "Connection Successful!"
  • In FM  "Manage External Data Sources" I deleted the old ODBC connection for the original FMdb that came over in the clone.
  • I then attempted to create a new connection in Manage External Data Sources/Edit Data Source to connect to the new MySQL. I chose ODBC, then,
  • Under DSN I clicked Specify and I believe I should see both the old and the new ODBC connections I had set up in Windows, but I see no choices at all. Nada. Bupkis.
  • I did also enter a user name and password to the MySQLdb under Authentication. (That did not help).
  • I called my web hosting folks at Blue Host to be sure there were no permissions to enable for the new user/pass for the new MySQL db. There weren't and they report they can see a connection when I test the MySQL Connector ODBC data source config.

So, I have no connection on the new FMdb to the new MySQL.

Now I mentioned the original database -that sucker still works fine. It was set up on this same machine with this same install of FM Pro11 and I was able to choose system and user DSN when I first set it up -but now if I attempt to go back in, hit edit and "Specify" the DSN for that old db, I don't see any choices nopw. I quick hit cancel so as not to screw up a good thing and it remains working to this day.


So, here I sit, flummoxed.