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T/F field quandary.

Question asked by kayakjunkie on Aug 8, 2014
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T/F field quandary.


     I have been away from FMP for the last year and a half and would have to put myself back in the beginner category.  I recently upgraded to FMP Advanced 13.  I am developing a database to distribute to clients for them to enter personal information, assets, liabilities, tax information, etc.  I want to have a checkbox to indicate whether or not they are married.  I've attempted to follow the instructions PhilModJunk gave in another post but am still not having success.

     My field is set-up as follows:

     "Married" = Text Field, Validate = Only during data entry, Member of Value List "T/F"

     Value List "T/F" is defined with a single value, "1".

     The Layout has the field entered as a checkbox, when unchecked it shows a 1 next to the field rather than a 0.  The inspector for the field shows the following:

     Display data from Individuals::Married, Control style = Checkbox set, Values from T/F (allow entry of other values is checked), all other values are the default values.

     When I attempt to check the a pop-up message box appears with the following message.

     "Married" is defined to contain only specific values.  You must enter a valid value.  Options are Revert Field and OK.


     What are the step by step instructions to create a simple checkbox field.