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      Tab Buttons



      This question has probably been answered – however I’m unable to find it.

      I have a layout that contains a Tab-Control.  I would like to have each Tab change to a specific color when the Tab is clicked.


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          Unfortunately, you can't give a tab control or tab panel a conditional format.

          You could place a color filled text object on top of each tab label. When you click a tab, the text object becomes visible and you see a color change. Make sure that the object is not positioned so high that it's upper edge extends beyond the upper border of the tab or it won't disappear when a different tab is clicked.

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            Thank you for the responce.  I'm new to Filemaker, how do I create a color filled text object that would change colors when clikcked?

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              It doesn't change colors, it just disappears when you click a different tab as it is "owned" by a specific tab panel even though it covers the panel label. You'd type the same text into the text block that you use for the tab panel label.

              Here's a demo file: http://www.4shared.com/file/Hbj15BPT/TabLabelColorChange.html

              and Here's how I did it:

              Created the tab control with the three tab panels shown with "one", "two" and "three" entered as the labels.

              Dismissed Tab Control Setup and selected tab panel "one" by clicking it.

              Clicked the layout text tool (Large T button) then clicked on the tab panel and typed in "one". Selected a light yellow fill color from the formatting tool bar. (you can also select this in the appearance tab of the inspector). I didn't need to, but I made sure that font and size of this text matched the tab panel label. I then changed the fill pattern back to transparent and used the arrow keys to precisely position the text object on top of the panel label so that the text in this object was perfectly aligned with the "one" text in the panel label. I then changed the fill pattern back to solid so that the yellow fill color was visible.

              I then selected the "two" panel by clicking it and repeated this process and then did the same for "three".

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                That worked.

                Thank you much...

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                       Here's a demo file: http://www.4shared.com/file/Hbj15BPT/TabLabelColorChange.html

                       I've tried to download the FM demo file, but all i can get is the htm -- i can't get the FM file itself to download to my computer.  Suggestions?