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    Tab Control



      Tab Control



           I am trying to control my tabs to return to the last tab I viewed.

           I've named my tabs. I've used the Get ( TriggerTargetTabPanel ) and Onswitch Tab Trigger to poloulate a global value.

           But I can't get the final step.  I am using a TS on Layout Enter to go to the object defined by my global script.  What should I do?

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               How did you name your tabs? Did you enter object names into the name box found on the inspector's position tab?

               Have you checked that "global value" to make sure that the correct value is being entered into it?


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                 I've used logical names eg 'AddressTab'

                 The global field returns




                 My Best guess is that this needs to be truncated, is that correct and if so how do i do it?




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                   Ah yes. If you look up the get function you used, you'll find that it returns a list of values, the tab panel number as value 1 and the tab's object name as value 2.

                   You can use Getvalue ( Get ( TriggerTargetTabPanel ) ;1 )

                   in the set field or set variable step where you capture this value.

                   (Since you have said "global value", I don't know if you are using a global field or a global variable for this.)