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Tab Control and header table and detail table

Question asked by BillPlunkett on Jan 31, 2013
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Tab Control and header table and detail table


     This should be easy but I'm having way too much trouble.  I'm new to FM but an old hand in other environments (RealStudio and Delphi)

     I have a layout with a tab control.  on the first tab is header information for customer order.  second tab has a protal to the detail line item table.  Simple so far right.

     I really am have two different issues.  one I can work around but the other is a real problem.  First, the easy one.  I wanted to add a Button that said "Add Line Items" rather than having the user click the tab control.  I can't find how to script the button to change the active tab.  is this possible, if not then they'll just have to click the tab control.

     Here's the one I don't know how to work around.  How do you provide the user a way to add a new record to the DETAIL table.  Everything I do seems to add a new record to the Header table which the layout is based on.  How do you add to a different table?


     thanks in advance,

     bill plunkett

     FM Pro 12 Advanced, Mac Pro, Mountain Lion