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    Tab control and Portal's



      Tab control and Portal's


      Hi Group


      Am I right in thinking that, I can use a tabbed control in a layout to control data from other layouts and then use portals in the same tab control view to view the results?


      what I am trying to do in filemaker 10 pro advanced is to have a main layout which controls and views data from other tables.



      Thanks Fluffy

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          You can use portals for this process with or without a tab control to do what you describe. Other options might also work for you.


          Short answer: yes


          Long answer:  The best approach depends on details you haven't yet shared on what you want to do.

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            Yes and no. Tab controls do not give you any extra abilities in terms of what data you can view from the current layout -- the data still has to come through a relationship.* Tab controls simply give you a way to organize what's visible.


            *(or global fields)

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              Hi Thanks for your replies.


              I purchased version 9 last year I converted my microsoft access databse into filmeaker and have been developing ideas and playing with filemaker to see what it can do. I have just upgraded to version 10 and am now starting to build on what I have done to make it look and work correctly.


              I want to build layouts that will pull data from different places and then manipulate it on single layouts.



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                "I want to build layouts that will pull data from different places and then manipulate it on single layouts."--There are multiple ways to do this depending on the specific needs you have for a given database.


                Let's try and translate typical MS Access operations into similar Filemaker ops. That may help you figure out what you want to do:


                Tab Controls in FMP are much like tab controls in MS Access, they're simply a way to break up the current layout into more manageable portions so you have less "clutter" in your layout. You can certainly put a different portal on each tab in Filemaker, just as you can put a different sub-form on each tab in Access.


                In Access, you use the query manager to build an SQL expression that may link multiple tables so that all the fields you specify in the SQL expression are accessible to a given form or report. In Filemaker, you simply specify a table as your layout's starting point and can then refer to fields from any related table. What fields are accessible and how they function will be determined by how you've designed your relationships in the relationship graph. Thus you can display data from multiple tables on the same layout simply by placing them on the layout IF you've designed your relationships correctly just as your SQL expression has to be designed correctly in Access to do the same type of thing.


                In Access, your SQL expression's "WHERE" clause can be used to control what sub-set of the total data in your tables will appear in your form/report. In Filemaker, the found set for your layout's reference table will control which records appear in roughly the same way.


                Hopefully that helps. If not, give an example of exactly what you want to do.

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                  Hi Phil


                  Thanks for your reply.


                  It does help, and it also reminds me of why I got into filemaker:  filemaker is so much easier to use!


                  Thanks again,   Fluffy