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Tab Control Border Issue on Web

Question asked by MarkCampbell on Jul 28, 2015
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Tab Control Border Issue on Web


In FM 14, when using a tab control on the web the tab borders are not correct - the borders for top, right and bottom appear (as opposed to top, left, right). This only happens on the web - the client version works correctly.

I tried to set the borders manually in the Inspector but the border buttons are greyed out (and the control is not locked). I have tried creating a new tab control - same thing. I've used FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced - same in both. I've tried changing the border style (dashed, solid, dotted) and the line style changes as expected but the borders are still not right. 

We didn't notice this in FM 13 so I think this might be a bug in FM 14. Ideas?