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Tab Control Problems

Question asked by user14040 on May 26, 2011
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Tab Control Problems



I created a solution for the Iphone that will keep track of Names and Passwords to Laboratories

 I am trying to use tab controls for each table. My main layout is using the Labaccess table. The Labaccess tab works fine,

but when I try to create the second tab with Investigator List nothing shows int he fields, so then I tried using Portals using the investigator table still nothing, what am I doing wrong? Can other tables be used in Tab Controls.  

I know the main layout is getting information from the Lab access table but I though if the relationship is their it will show information from any table.  The portal I was using was set to get information from the Investigator table but still no information was displayed. 

I guess I could create using a different layout for each table but I would love to use the tab controls looks alot better.

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