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    Tab Control Problems



      Tab Control Problems



      I created a solution for the Iphone that will keep track of Names and Passwords to Laboratories

       I am trying to use tab controls for each table. My main layout is using the Labaccess table. The Labaccess tab works fine,

      but when I try to create the second tab with Investigator List nothing shows int he fields, so then I tried using Portals using the investigator table still nothing, what am I doing wrong? Can other tables be used in Tab Controls.  

      I know the main layout is getting information from the Lab access table but I though if the relationship is their it will show information from any table.  The portal I was using was set to get information from the Investigator table but still no information was displayed. 

      I guess I could create using a different layout for each table but I would love to use the tab controls looks alot better.

      Lab access

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          From your relationships, if you put fields from Investigator List directly on your layout (whether inside a tab control or not), you should see the data from the related Investigator List record. If you used a portal, you'd get the same results--assuming InvestID uniquely identifies one Investigator like your relationships indicate.

          If you do not see the data you expect, you'll need to check the relationship and the values in InvestIDfk and InvestID. The current record on your layout would need a value in InvestIDfk that matches a value in InvestID in the Investigator List table. Both InvestID and InvestIDfk should be of the same type when you check their definitions on the Fields tab of Manage | Database.