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Tab Controls causing crash?

Question asked by GBR on Apr 11, 2009
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Tab Controls causing crash?


I'm quoting from the forum message about tab controls:

"Tab controls can be nested inside the tab panels of other tab controls. Portals can be placed in tab panels. Tab controls cannot be placed into portals. Tab controls cannot be turned into buttons."

What I'm wondering is .... can placing a button over top of a tab cause Filemaker to crash? Here's what's happening...

I created a tab control where each tab represents a different found set. My tabs are in the header part of the layout, and the found set of records is displayed using List View in the body part.


Filemaker (I'm pretty sure) doesn't allow me to perform a "find" action by clicking on a tab, so I worked around it by placing a button on top of the tab name and having the button control the "find". The script buttons were duplicated on every layer of the tab control. A slight problem was that two clicks became necessary...the first click would change the tab, but no find would happen. A second click would make the "find" work.


Anyway, this all works fine, except for when I enter this layout from another layout which is based on another table, as part of a particular script, Filemaker crashes the first time I click on a tab. It only does it when I'm trying to perform this particular script, which really does nothing fancy except change the layout and then pause.


I'm fairly new to Filemaker, I think it's awesome. This is the first time I've seen it crash.