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    Tab controls versus multiple layouts UX/design question



      Tab controls versus multiple layouts UX/design question


      Let me start with the basics: using FM Pro 10 (not Advanced) on Mac, solution will be access via IWA and FMP, I'd rate my skill level as intermediate.

      I'm developing a job tracking solution for the company I work for. I'm trying to decide what will work best between the tab control object or using multiple layouts.

      Here's the scenario - our jobs consist of different types of work (print, web, photography, and a few others). Each work type requires different info and no job uses more then one work type. When someone views a record or creates a new record of a certain work type I'd like to display only info for that type. I hope that makes sense.

      I've figured out how to use a script trigger to run a script that automatically displays a certain tab on a tab control but I wonder if this is the best way to do this. What are the potential pit falls of doing it this way?

      Any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.