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    Tab Controls: View But Don't Print



      Tab Controls: View But Don't Print


      I'm setting up some Tab Controls (FileMaker 12 Advanced). Is it possible to allow the users to See the Tabs while browsing but to make them Not Print? I still want the content within the Tab Control boundaries to print, obviously.

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          I think you'll need two layouts for this--one for browse/edit and one for printing. There is a 'hide when printing' option in the inspector's sliding and visibility section, but I think that will only enable you to hide the entire tab control, not leave then contents visible while the tab panel object itself does not print.

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            I believe you're right, Phil. So, I would duplicate the 1st layout (used for browsing) and create a second layout (used for printing) and make the Tabs and Boundaries transparent? Then, maybe create a script that accesses this "Print" layout behind the scenes when the clients clicks the (custom) print button?

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              Basically. But if you want the tab panel that is currently in front on your browse layout to also be the front panel on your print layout, you'll need to do some scripting to keep them in synch with each other or you'll only be able to print from the default tab panel.

              You can give your tab panels object names and use go to object to select the tab panel you want to be in front.

              Hmmm, are you using FileMaker 12? If so, you may be able to use get ( WindowMode ) in a conditional format to hide the tab panel when printing and not need the two layouts. Look up that function in FileMaker help to see what value is returned when you preview or print.

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                I'm using Version 12 Advanced. I did look up the help file; could you give me a little more guidance about how this would work?

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                  I hadn't tried this myself, but I'd seen posts that have indicated you can turn a tab control in FMP 12 invisible via conditional formatting--thug making them easier to work with as invisible tab controls are one way to make layout objects appear and disappear on your layout.

                  It took a bit of trial and error but here's what worked for me.

                  Create your tab controls. Specify no visible border and a transparent fill color. Carefully match the text color of your tab panels to match the layout's background color. You may have to use the custom color palette to do this.

                  Then give the tab control a conditional format with this expression:

                  Get ( WindowMode ) < 2

                  And specify both a fill color and a text color.

                  The tab control will now be visible in browse mode, but invisible when printing/previewing or saving as PDF.