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Tab delimited export including header row

Question asked by jwilson on Mar 18, 2014
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Tab delimited export including header row


     Judging by some old discussions on the internet, this is evidently a long running problem. 

     I want to automate the export of data from FMP12 to a GIS programme in Tab delimited format including a header row, and the solution needs to work on both Mac and Win OS.  Manually I can go from FMP to excel to Tab-delimited to GIS, but its extremely laborious, especially as one of the fields contains commas which makes excel insert inverted commas in the text file, which then have to edited out in TextWrangler.

     Although I can get FMP to produce an appropriately structured tabbed text file, it doesnt include a header row.  Has anyone come up with a work around. I have seen several references to the use of xml plus a xslt file, but have not managed to get anything to work.