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    Tab design



      Tab design


      How can I make the tabs look different? May I use a custom image? 

      I'd also like it to have a mouseover effect. 

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          You've tried using the standard fill and line tools?  And you don't like the range they offer?


          (I am *not* being sarcastic!  It's just that being of severely limited imagination, people's creativity always amazes me.)



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               Well, the fill colors and patterns are kinda tacky and I would like to use some kind of gradient if possible.
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              I've just done the same check that you probably did.  Sorry: can't help, unfortunately.  Over and Out on this one.



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                If you don't mind spending some extra time then you can customize your tabs this way:-

                In Layout mode:

                1. Use the Object info pallet to define a name for each tab.

                2. Add container field(s) or graphic(s) to each tab that holds gradient, texture, photo, etc. 

                3. Move the containers to the back and change the field behavior so that they can not be entered in find or browse modes.

                4. Add a button (text, object, etc.) for each tab with the script step: go to object [tab name]

                5. Place the buttons over the existing tab names and note their x,y positions in the object info pallet.

                6. Duplicate the buttons.  For 2 tabs you will need 4 buttons; 3 tabs take 9 buttons; etc.

                7. Now for the fiddling:- place the duplicates under their originals as you select each tab in turn. It is easier to use the object info pallet to enter the x,y coordinates to place the button.

                8. Change the color of the primary button on each tab to indicate that it has focus when the user clicks on it.

                9. Finally, set the tab backgrounds and lines to transparent and set the tab width to 0. This leaves you with a row of buttons above your graphic background.  As you click each button, the background and fields will change to the selected tab.

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                  I have six related tables in my db each with its own layout.  I want to know if there is a way to have just one layout with several tabs and possibly have some tabs nested within another, but each tab would represent its own different table?




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                       No. The tab control object is a property of layout. But you can have buttons that look like tabs switch the user to another layout.
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                      Would you set this up by just using the insert button function.  I would like for the same buttons to be fixed across each layout so when you click on a button the fields below would change but the buttons across the top would just stay the same. It would be like the same menu for each layout.




                      I hope this is clear




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                           I am not sure what you mean by "the insert button function". I would place the same buttons, in the same position, on all involved layouts.