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Tab elements becoming disassociated

Question asked by RyanMcCoy on Oct 25, 2012
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Tab elements becoming disassociated


     Well, I have yet another issue.  Whenever I create fields in a tab (yes, I tried clicking on the tab to make it highlighted THEN adding the field) they are not being associated with the tab they were created on.  Everything looks fine when in layout mode, but as soon as you exit, everyhting is stacked.  For demonstration purposes, I placed a box with a different fill color on each of the 4 tabs.  The screenshot below is what results after exiting layout mods.  I tried cutting everything, clicking on the tab name and pasting it, no luck.  I have dragged everyhthing outside of the tab's field and dragging it back in... nothing.  

     Also, I checked, no part of the tab field is overlapping into the header field.  



     I am out of ideas at this point. Any suggestions?